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Service: Mommy Makeover

Dr. Karlo Capellan – Certified Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

The ultimate makeover package for our Mommies

Symmetry Plastic Surgery

Mommy Makeover

Sometimes, most patients don’t want to undergo a procedure one at a time. This may be due to time constraints or because of a difference in preferences.

Because we at Symmetry understand this concern of yours, we’ve decided to combine our best-selling services into one package that can help you transform into a drop-dead gorgeous model in no time! 

Our “Mommy Makeover” package includes the following medical procedures, by default: 

• Liposuction to eliminate fatty tissue deposits in your thighs and give you the confidence to finally wear mini-skirts outdoors.  

• Breast Lift to shape breasts in a flattering way and to lift them up for a perkier and young-looking appearance.

• Breast Augmentation to include implants in your breast to improve breast volume and produce the breast shape that you’ve been dreaming of.

• Tummy Tuck to eliminate excess fatty tissue in your abdomen and to give you a tightened tummy to help you achieve a flat and toned stomach.

• Lower body lift to shape your lower abdomen, tighten your hips and buttocks, improve the appearance of your thighs and to enhance your overall lower body texture and shape.

According to recent and relevant research studies, getting two or more procedures at the same time carries the same risk such as getting one procedure at a time, provided that the duration of the procedure does not exceed 5 hours. 

The medical procedures in this package can be done in combination. With this in mind, the “Mommy Makeover” surgery takes around 4-5 hours or so, to ensure that we’ll be able to deliver effective, safe and high-quality results for you. 

To get the optimal results, get the “Mommy Makeover” package when you’re absolutely sure that you will not be having children anymore. This is because pregnancy plays a big part in modifying the appearance of your body. Should you get pregnant again after the surgery, the results may revert to its previous state and you won’t get to enjoy the improvements that you have gotten. 

For mothers who have just given birth, you can undergo this surgery for about six to seven months after your last pregnancy. 

How can you get started with learning more about Mommy Makeover surgery?  

Be young at heart and young at body by getting a Mommy Makeover surgery! Today, book a surgical consultation with the internationally-renowned Dr. Capellan, our resident professional on body shaping and appearance improvement. To review your options in getting a gorgeous, youthful and desirable body, you may call us at (+63) 908 820 5272 or email our office to make an appointment. Other procedures related to your body such as tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction, body lift, buttock lift, arm lift, thigh lift and post-bariatric surgery can be found in this page.

- Vaginoplasty 

- Vulvaplasty

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