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Dr. Karlo Capellan – Certified Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

BOTOX / Dermal Fillers / Sclerotherapy / Acne Treatment

Symmetry Plastic Surgery


Some people would say that your eyes are the mirror of your soul. Well, in this case, then, some could say that in the matter of your age, your face is the mirror of your experiences. If you’re looking for a way to look more youthful without undergoing any invasive surgery, then a botox injection might be your best bet yet.

Who are suitable for getting a botox injection?  

Since the aim of Botox is to give you a refreshing and vibrant look, it’s recommended that you start availing of it when the early signs of the following are beginning to get noticeable:

• Frown lines  

• Fine lines

• Crow’s feet

• Wrinkles

• Furrows above the brow

How is Botox usually given on patients?  

Contrary to belief, botox is actually given in order to help you achieve a natural-looking youthful face with enhanced facial appearance and animated facial expressions. In order to successfully do this, our resident expert, Dr. Capellan, will need to utilize his skilled hands and expert repository of experiences to give you the face that you’ve wanted to preserve for a long time now.

Treatment would take around 15 minutes or so. During this time, Dr. Capellan’s professional hands and clinical eye would enable him to identify exactly which muscles to target with the very thin needle responsible for the Botox injection. 

Since the main objective of Botox injections is to prevent wrinkles, it works by blocking the nerve signals that cause facial muscle contractions, thereby preventing the occurrence of wrinkles along the process. The required number of injections depends on your preference and facial status as a patient. The results achieved with Botox injection can last for around three to four months, so for you to take advantage of this youthful facial appearance, it’s recommended that you schedule routine appointments at Symmetry. 

What are some risks that may be associated with Botox injection?  

Since it’s non-invasive, the risks associated with Botox are not dangerous. Overall, it’s a safe, high-quality and convenient procedure that can give you a long-lasting and young-looking face, provided that you schedule routine appointments beforehand.

With that said, it’s a universal rule for every procedure to have risks, so for the interest of full disclosure, some of them are: 

• Bruising, 

• Infection, and;

• Inadvertent muscle paralysis located near the treatment area.

• Experiencing flu-like symptoms may be present, but not prominent.

• In extremely rare cases, a difficulty in swallowing and slurred speech may be experienced.

Feel free to consult and discuss these complications comprehensive with Dr. Capellan when you schedule your initial consultation with him. 

How do you recover from undergoing Botox injection?  

It’s a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require you to take any leave from your work. After the injection, you may immediately resume to doing your normal activities. Rule of thumb for faster and safer recovery: avoid rubbing or massaging the treatment area.

How can you get started with learning more about Botox injection?  

Get a young-looking face without all the fuss of a surgery. Book a surgical consultation with Dr. Capellan to review your options in getting an attractive and refreshing face that can turn heads and boost your self-esteem! You may call us at (+63) 908 820 5272 or email our office to make an appointment. Other non-invasive procedures related to your face such as dermal fillers can be found in this page.

Dermal fillers 

Are you tired of having a hollow face that makes you look unattractive? Are you spending way too much makeup in creating an illusion of a better-looking face? If so, getting dermal fillers might be the way to go for you!

Who are suitable for getting dermal fillers?  

If you notice that your facial area is showing signs of aging such as appearing hollow or washed out, then perhaps it’s time that you book an appointment with us so that you can remedy it right away.

How are dermal fillers usually administered on patients?  

Based on the name itself, dermal fillers add volume to the areas of the face that look aged. The treatment using dermal fillers will only last for around 30 minutes or so. These dermal fillers are usually used on facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds. They are flexible in a way that they can also be used to add volume to the lips and improve the facial contours, thereby giving you a young-looking face as a result.

What are some risks that may be associated with dermal fillers? 

You may expect possible complications such as:

• Redness,  

• Bruising,

• Tenderness, and;

• Swelling.

As we are dealing with the skin, there might also be the risk of small bumps developing beneath the skin area. 

How can you get started with learning more about Dermal Fillers?  

Plump up your face and see all those signs of aging go away. Book a surgical consultation with Dr. Capellan to review your options in getting a gorgeous and vibrant face that can make you feel like a million dollars! You may call us at (+63) 908 820 5272 or email our office to make an appointment. Other non-invasive procedures related to your face such as Botox injections can be found in this page.

- Sclerotherapy 

- Acne Treatment

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